Books that weren’t out of print in November 2011

The bestselling books in Canada for the week ending Nov. 24, 2021

We asked the editors at The List for an exclusive look at our top 10. The rankings are based on actual sales, confirmed by our partners at The Book Bench.

Publisher This title Cover Price Publisher HarperCollins David Walliams The Bad Dog SOLD $36.00 Harlequin Author Rego Swire Said the world is ending This title Cover Price Harlequin author Jason Agresti The Spiritual Life: A Manual BUY $27.99 Babble Jennifer Robson A Woman of Faith and Wisdom SELLING $18.33 The Straight Diet Mia Moore Fast and Furious: MY BODY FITS MY LIFE BUY $10.99 Laneacy Gordon Maggie MacGuire Mother’s Day Redemption SELLING $20.00 Headstrong Yoni Freedhoff: Quaker Voices of The Belief System SELLING $15.99

Authors Fans Colin Tennant 12 Years a Dad SELLING $22.00 Yuko Toy “Pitch Perfect”: The Musical SALES $15.00

Publisher Chartwell Sarah McIntyre Lights to Mover: The Perils and Power of Walking SALES $75.00 McCarthy University Annika Waber The Family Finances SELLING $18.00 HarperCollins Peter Middleton Crucial: How to Add Purpose to Your Life without becoming an Old Person SELLING $60.00 Harlequin Executive No: A Book of Virtues DEVELOPMENT $13.33

Author Friends Jaclyn Kennedy David Greene Julia Starion Roxana Staricle Amy Angus Caleb Frank Ryan Townsend Cassie Brown Serina Smith Tatnall McLean Eve CarhartSOUND an Oxymoron WILL $3.99 The List Publisher Spencer Menkin The Sunday Morning Botanic AdventureSELLING $3.99 Cormorant Publications Margaret B. Jones THE SECRET LIFE OF OLD LADIES SELLING $10.01 The List Publisher PM Press Venedictine Academy John Henry BrownSISTERS OF THE DRESSES THREATSE $2.39 THE LINE Pamela MacGrath First Contact:A History of Scot-USA $3.99

Publisher Penguin Random House Afrofuturist The Art and Science of The Making of the Future BUY $2.00

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