Wear this or that? How to wear Louis Vuitton shoes

There’s no doubt that people will take the time to own Louis Vuitton shoes. But do you understand how to use them well?

These shoes from Louis Vuitton in green say as much about how to use your Louboutins as they do about how to wear them. But knowing how to wear a pair of Louboutins, which are an essential part of any style repertoire, isn’t as easy as reading the instruction manual.

Following the latest episode of “Home Made Simple,” Riches of Wealth Radio host Kim Dreier joined Duane Pohl of Pohl Fabrics to compare how to use their different pieces of clothing. The most important lesson they gave viewers: It’s a matter of knowing what you want to wear, not what you’re wearing.

“The whole vibe of Louis Vuitton is to just a bold statement,” Dreier said. “Do you want to wear polka dots? Do you want to wear square-cut checks? If it comes in a black-and-white check, do you want to wear it on all fours and dance, or do you want to wear it like a bobby socks and a little underbrief? We get to have freedom of choice.”

Pohl then went on to talk about the importance of covering up one’s arms when wearing different LV fabrics like silk. Although some LV fabrics have more of a vintage look to them, such as silk, wide-brimmed hats can also be worn.

“If you put them on, your body immediately turns into a lounge. It doesn’t look like you’re working. It looks like you have so much going on, whether it’s a blouse or a shirt,” Pohl said. “If you have it wide-brimmed, that can open you up to some different look.”

Watch the full video for more tips on how to wear Louis Vuitton products.

This video originally appeared on ExtraPixel.

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