Visitors from Canada busted for breaking into the Colosseum, take selfies in toilets

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Several travelers from Canada set up shop in central Rome and learned how to properly break into the sprawling Colosseum.

As was the case earlier this year, the adventure tourists, returned to the ancient monument one last time to drink beer before they left town. This time around, however, as the Huffington Post reports, they were also spotted taking selfies with visitors and using the restroom.

The tourists’ penultimate actions before being thwarted by the crowd was to lock themselves in the toilets — allowing paparazzi and their own peers to capture the surprise before jumping out and scampering across the wide arches in search of the restroom they had come to use.

Two witnesses told HuffPost they saw the three of them fighting over their spaces, climbing onto the wall to block passing guests, and even using their phones to record others as they traveled through the Colosseum.

Tourists lucky enough to be in Rome have the option of taking a shuttle from central Rome’s Viale Vitello so that they can explore the various other tourist attractions. However, as it is popular with foreign visitors, it may be too early to predict how the overzealous travelers may be treated by the locals.

One official, a site guide, seems not be nearly impressed with their behavior.

“You don’t just come into the Colosseum and leave,” the guide said to HuffPost. “It’s like the United States now.”

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