Things to do in DC and Maryland on Monday, Sept. 30

“You’re more comfortable with people you don’t know.” -from Barnegat, NJ -Bucket List, Hillary Clinton

“It’s where I am happy.” – from Lunderganville, PA -Good places to work, least safe places to live

With Daylight Saving Time lasting until next Sunday, this is a good time to check which foods and drinks are harder to digest when we’re sleep-deprived. Speaking of giving up a favorite food, it’s never a good idea to tell your kids that you’re giving up ice cream, especially if you yourself are an ice cream addict. Or am I forgetting an important ingredient in this recipe?

Local transportation agencies are having trouble keeping up with the region’s commuter demands, even with major improvements on the roads and bridges they maintain.

This video of musician Chris Hughes in a furry hat in a hot tub will make you want to drink hot chocolate all summer long.

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An earlier version of this story incorrectly described Gadsden Park in New Jersey as “in New Jersey.” It is actually in New Jersey’s Ocean County. The update, made Saturday at 8:55 a.m., reads: OCEAN COUNTY.

The continuing fight over representation in the U.S. Senate extends back to the late 1960s, when one man campaigned for the switch from an elected president to a “logical” appointment by a three-fifths-of-the-people appointed senator. For more than a year, a search for that man has been ongoing, and in this story, a new chapter has been added.

Bad news for right-to-work proponents, but good news for the textile industry. The Trump administration is expected to restore the Federal Register to a daily posting, a first in decades.

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