There’s nothing ‘all-American’ about holding children in an emergency room on a plane

I am not surprised that Dr Fauci’s message released this week is causing damage. From looking at the comments on this important event, it is clear that Dr Fauci’s message is likely to promote division among families and foster an atmosphere of fear and anxiety. Perhaps all these efforts can be found on Dr Fauci’s website.

During World War II the health authorities allowed diverging leagues of families to play football in the same park at the same time. At that time the authorities allowed them to play under conditions that were considered safe and were the best way to prevent serious injury. During the war, there were actually four children’s hospitals in Turkey: the Turkish children’s hospital, the pediatric general hospital, the children’s hospital for adults, and the hospital for poor patients. In all four, people of all races lived together. Dr Fauci is creating unnecessary division. He is contributing to the health and welfare of children and to a healthy and safe society.

Lea Newberg (@Lea_Newberg) Health emergency at U.S. oncologist’s office could land kids in Hurricane school ‘held’ in Turkey :

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