The Green P Portage Green Bay Holiday Brew Tour

Playing up to image of high-end craft beer branding on key front signs at green P lots along the shoreline, the Windward City Packers is bringing great value-added to beer fans by offering beer for free this special holiday season:

On Friday, The Green P will provide beer at the main lot on the shoreline, at Sandpiper 3:30-5pm. The regular lot at Dover and Portage is located just four miles south of Green Bay. The second lot is located at Plaza 4 on Marsh Road, four miles south of the shoreline in Green Bay.

Want more? The 2056 Portage to Green Bay and the 190 Portage to Green Bay lots are also offering special holiday beer tours this weekend, during which general admission is free. Tour includes 2 flights of beers, specially brewed for the holiday season, along with a light dessert. The Christmas extravaganza begins at the 2056 Portage brewery, and the 190 Portage lot will be offering tour of the third story brewery, from 12-1pm.

The Starbucks at Calhoun Way and Ripon Street in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is also offering free poinsettias and cranberry sauce this holiday season.

In addition, Northwest Airlines is offering everyone, except employees and their immediate family members, free parking at all of its Green Bay area gate locations.

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