Ontario Medical Association President Dr. Kevin McCarter on #MeaslesVaccineClampdown

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford has one less thing to worry about now than he did a week ago, because doctors have forced all health care providers in the province to get their shot with their measles immunization – including those working in the emergency room.

Dr. Kevin McCarter – President of the Ontario Medical Association

“The doctors have made their point, and the doctors are very respectful of the Premier’s position on the budget, and we have a ministry that is producing cost savings and replacing hospitals and efficiencies and it’s a perfect alignment. People have to pay when they get sick; they have to pay for everything and so on. And so, it’s important in all situations that we work to make sure that we’re efficient, and that people actually pay for something rather than actually not paying for something and letting people be sick and thus costing the system more in the long term, particularly what is happening in the emergency room over the last decade as you’ve seen thousands and thousands of patients being able to go through a list of difficult or challenging circumstances and require treatment in the emergency room, putting an enormous amount of pressure on the ER in the long term. So, I think the doctors have made their point, and we’re going to follow our doctor’s direction. We know that in other jurisdictions the vaccines for measles are administered. If we don’t get our immunizations, then we’re going to be putting patients who shouldn’t be getting these vaccines, through these really difficult circumstances.”

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