Number of Ontario schools with confirmed COVID-19 cases

Number of Ontario schools with confirmed COVID-19 cases

As of Friday, Ontario has reported 666 confirmed schools with at least one case of CoVID-19, according to local media reports. COVID-19 is the respiratory illness associated with children.

The number of confirmed cases appears to fluctuate steadily, particularly when it comes to secondary schools. For example, as of May 17, there were 466 confirmed secondary schools with COVID-19 cases, but as of May 17, there were 519 secondary schools with secondary cases. The list also includes smaller school districts: Amedyst called on children to stay at home if their school reported a case, while David Asper sent out an email to parents of elementary school children in Maple River-Carrot River expressing concern about the spread of the illness.

For now, schools are at ease, as parents are encouraged to take an active role in ensuring their children stay healthy. Sick children and sick families are discouraged from attending school; however, the latter is encouraged by health officials. Sick children without proof of their illness are allowed to return to school, as long as they’re kept away from other students.

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