No English curriculum at large Toronto high school for ‘a major incident’

The Etobicoke high school English curriculum will be modified as a precaution due to recent incident at nearby public elementary school, HCES 127 Loew’s Harbour Drive, according to the school’s note to parents.

Education Board of Ontario says that a student at ESS-33 Elmhurst elementary school had “dosed-up” on THC, an ingredient from cannabis, and became ill.

The notes states that the circumstances involved a diabetic patient and that an investigation is ongoing but does not take any further statement at this time.

“While this is a serious incident, our top priority is for the safety of students and staff,” stated the note to parents.

The note is below:

My colleagues and I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

As a precautionary measure, we will no longer have the entire English High curriculum in the entire elementary classroom. This action is for the safety of students and staff.

For those who are reading the English curriculum and have questions about what needs to happen:

(Information about HCES 127 is listed on the

How might this impact your child’s learning?

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