New court filing alleges that Epstein’s daughter was ‘chief architect’ of prostitution ring

There are new revelations about Jeffrey Epstein’s personal finances in a new legal filing by the defense team for his former “sex slave”, Virginia Roberts. The documents also indicate that Epstein’s youngest daughter allegedly helped run Epstein’s illegal prostitution ring, according to the report by Vogue writer Jason Zinoman.

People have been looking for proof that Roberts, who is set to testify on June 30, really was Epstein’s longtime sex slave and was forced to have sex with numerous men. In the new filing, Roberts “reveals how Epstein manipulated her into feeding details of the prostitution ring he kept under his control,” Zinoman reported. “She has captured photos of his car and his account books to document how much money he was pocketing for prostituting her.” Roberts also said that before a critical court hearing scheduled for June 23, Epstein gave her $60,000 to reimburse the $150,000 he lent her.

In her documents, Roberts said she’s willing to testify she got money from Epstein for prostituting for him, the report says.

These new revelations follow on the heels of Friday’s court hearing, in which she’s scheduled to appear in New York federal court to give her deposition and being filmed for MSNBC. The hearing will not be live-streamed but the White House provided transcripts of the hearing. During the hearing, Roberts allegedly said she’s ready to get rid of all the lawyer she’s hired — including representing her in court and in her tell-all book. She also denied sexual abuse allegations.

Epstein, a financier and philanthropist, has pleaded not guilty in his federal extortion and child pornography cases.

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