Middle school teachers censored because of their nationalist flag

In a scene all too common across the nation, several elementary school teachers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, had their pride flags removed by administrators because of their political messages. The flags were approved as part of a “pride appreciation day” in May and said what they said — but officials quickly changed their minds when complaints from parents flooded in.

Local broadcaster WXYZ reports that, one parent initially raised the flag protest after seeing the flags on the third-grade rug at Carol Finn Elementary School on Thursday.

“It was absolutely ridiculous — sickening, disgusting. I wish a hundred teachers would bring one to their children’s backpacks and drop it on the floor and then stomp it out,” said parent Diana Sevone. “And then I was so shocked. I’m like, where is this coming from?”

The teachers asked, and the boards were confiscated while board members prepared their review of the ban, ABC affiliate WXYZ reports.

“If you have the freedom of speech, use it in a positive way,” said Fremont Elementary School principal Kim Bruker. “The right to protest, I absolutely respect and accept.”

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