McDonald’s and its quest for ever-better food

McDonald’s’ menu plays an important role in keeping its stores profitable, making it a cornerstone of the fast food operator’s business. To ensure its more than 35,000 restaurants in 110 countries remain vibrant, the chain is constantly honing in on its menu design to offer the best offers to consumers. With a string of successful innovations such as McCafe, Egg McMuffins and Chicken McNuggets, the company has weathered the storm. And with the introduction of its own branded nuggets, some of the most popular items from its competitors, you can see why a few years ago the company’s market cap was far greater than its current value.

To understand how the company keeps pace, CNN spoke with Ian Rowden, McDonald’s senior vice president and chief culinary officer, and John Watson, senior vice president of global menu strategy and innovation. Click here to watch the full video interview.

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