Let’s fight back: What would Michael Moore’s response be to an attack on America?

From Iraq to Afghanistan, Dick Cheney’s remarks, including the quote above, tell a different story than the one told by the current President.

Although the last part of that quote says that he plans to let “America take care of its own.” At that point, Cheney was talking about an increasing military capacity. Was that the goal of the Iraq War? Was it the goal of the Afghanistan War? Were those countries simply “Taking care of their own” during those conflicts? If so, then surely Cheney would want us to “Take care of our own” in Iran, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and etc. of course. If not, then what was the objective of these wars?

A final quote: “I’m angry at him because he lied us into this war.” This from the same “take care of America” Cheney who urged Bush to wage war against Iraq, and predicted we would be greeted with flowers and swift victory. Sure, more flowers, but no swift victory, in a war that did not actually need to be fought, and this from a man who claimed to be a “warrior of peace.”

On the one hand, I respect Michael Moore’s assertion that we need to fight back at this partisan level. He’s absolutely right. But wouldn’t you think that neither side would have to be “angry” to fight back?

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