Jon Hilsenrath On Latest Publication: “White On White”

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A white man opens his door to a young black woman, a patron enters his restaurant, and there is an argument over a restaurant charge. Needless to say, neither the woman nor the man leaves the scene happy.

This is the plot of Jon Hilsenrath’s latest project, “White on White,” due out from Random House on September 18th. Hilsenrath is the Washington Post’s Chief Economics Correspondent, and it’s fair to say that he’s a journalistic heavyweight. “White on White” features facts, videos, and fictional stories informed by real information and grounded in the real world of the American family, and the larger economy. The book is aimed primarily at readers who are 10 years old and up, something that doesn’t get much more practical than “White on White.”

Hilsenrath spoke with “The Mike Gallagher Show” about the book, and the problems the narrator feels when, for no good reason, Americans remove hard-earned equity from their financial assets, and the reality of generations for whom taking risks is like the Sea of Tranquility, and sons like David Foster Wallace.


Jason Isbell guest-hosts the show, and says: “White on White is the real deal…I love it. I was a first timer at The State in my hometown and I got such a thrill going there. Jon is one of those people who just brings the real stuff to life. He’s one of those people who brings that tricky ingredient of reality that makes you care and want to read more about. “

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