Five Chinese workers kidnapped in violence-ridden Congo

Masked assailants have kidnapped five Chinese nationals working for a Chinese company in the Democratic Republic of Congo, while a sixth Chinese worker was briefly seized by one of the same attackers. The attacks occurred near the German company’s nickel mining project. The assailants, who are believed to be heavily armed, managed to escape and that worker was released. One Chinese worker, who was seriously injured, was flown to a hospital in Kinshasa and said to be in critical condition.

Congo’s President Joseph Kabila said that government security forces had launched a manhunt for the perpetrators, many of whom are still at large, local media reported. Kabila assured that the kidnappings, which come a year before the scheduled departure of his government, had “nothing to do with his government,” Reuters reported. “People can speak what they want but the government will not accept the interference of anybody,” he said.

As is often the case in the region, violence has long plagued Democratic Republic of Congo. Violence there has decreased in recent years, but four large-scale rapes in February sparked a new wave of protests. The attacks in Mufulira, a mining town about 45 miles north of Goma in the east of the country, however, are among the most brazen yet. Five Chinese nationals were kidnapped by assailants who included two Chinese nationals.

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