Encore! Nineties classic Lucha Libre Libre gets new director, cast

A father-daughter comic-book movie, and with comics star Jennifer Lopez putting in a cameo? Top marks, Warner Bros. , who have just released the trailer for Encanto: The Lucha Libre Libre Chronicles . A relatively obscure Hispanic superhero team-up series created by Batman and Wonder Woman illustrator Dave Johnson in the 1970s, the book is back for its theatrical release in early 2019. The trailer, with which we finally got to see Jennifer Lopez’s extended cameo, saw the character Lucinda from DC Comics – Lucinda Marquez is the daughter of Lucille Marquez, Lucha Libre Libre’s leader – meeting the Enchantress and the Queen of Death, as they make a bid to control the Pan-World. While the other three Luchadores got bigger and better to describe these madcap efforts, a classic summary of the thematically linked team: “good Mexicans get evil Mexicans to give them a promotion.” Almost exactly 40 years after the original, there’s plenty of catch-up available, and we’ll be blogging the official trailer the day it goes online (though that doesn’t look like happening any time soon).

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