Domhnall Gleeson: Who Inspired Me To Go From Being A Class Clown To Being A Serious Actor!

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Domhnall Gleeson on the sound in the air…

Your co-hosts are absolutely furious.

Not only are they annoyed that the Princeton Review left out Van Halen from its Top 10 New Rules, but its Review also trashed the Anvil Songbook in its top 50 Things To Do.

Errrr, ok, we have some damage control to do here.

Jokes aside, here’s what we want to know…

In the past, did you think about taking classes? Or did you let it go…

After graduating from college, have you looked back on your career and said “Here I was and my life was so much more fun before…”

What did you think of the drunks that showed up to college parties in New York?

What was the drug of choice during that time?

And, finally, who cares that Spam Monster was in the Sexiest Guy Alive in 1993 and THAT one young man named Leonardo DiCaprio was in the first Dead Poets Society.

So … who in the world would you say was the one who inspired you to go from being a class clown to being a serious actor?

Gleeson accepts our invite to join us for the podcast, and will be right here… so keep an eye out for him!

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