Brampton mayor welcomes probe into hacking claims

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The public was given the opportunity to comment on the report at a community meeting in May

The Brampton mayor says a review of the data used in the investigation into her office has “vindicated” the city’s leaders.

The investigation into Mayor Susan Fennell and two of her council officers found they had done nothing wrong.

But a city director said the inquiry process was inadequate and left the residents of Brampton with “no comfort”.

The inquiry was prompted by concerns of emails being leaked, which claimed the mayor was sending inappropriate messages to her public relations adviser.

Several other instances of that type of communication had also been raised in previous leaks.

Councillor Fennell and council officers were formally exonerated on Friday, when a public meeting was held in the city centre to discuss the recommendation.

I’m happy with how the report was presented

Mayor Susan Fennell

But a city director said the investigation had found “no inappropriate communications” between mayor and her aide.

Public Works director David Weinsheimer said the process used in the inquiry was inadequate and left Brampton residents with “no comfort”.

“It’s something this city should have anticipated and taken seriously,” he said.

“It fell completely short.”

He added that the investigation team had “no leverage” because the mayor and her officers had immunity.

Mayor Fennell said she was pleased with the result.

“I’m happy with how the report was presented,” she said.

“My team totally cooperated, of course, because they had to do that in order to obtain a report.”

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