Analysis: What the MPs are saying

Newfoundland and Labrador MP Randy Hillier:

“Unlike some in the Conservative Party, I have never claimed that I always speak first. That sounds pompous, but it’s also what I believe – that just because I live a few hours from Ottawa doesn’t mean I don’t know how this place works.”

“Today, we leave Ottawa for the first time since winning the election in October and see for ourselves what a difference those three months have made,” says Conservative Party President Prentice Wright, who is in Montebello, Quebec. He says that he sees two things are needed to win the next federal election in the next four years: “For the Conservatives to be successful in those years, I think that’s what we need to focus on now, is getting our message across, and giving Canadians a clear choice – between a Conservative team that is committed to supporting families and a Liberal team that is committed to using our collective futures to redistribute the wealth, instead of building a future for our children and grandchildren.”

I never talk down to Conservatives. I’ve been a life-long Conservative, I’ve been a student of politics, I’ve been a member of the party for about 13 years. I’ve never met anyone – my friends, my family, people I work with – who wouldn’t agree with me that the party needs to get a whole lot better. That’s just the way it is.

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