3 top deals you’ll want to score on Etsy for Black Friday

Story highlights Amazon is making it even easier to shop local this holiday season.

Whether your next holiday shopping adventure is just starting or is in full swing, you’ll want to stick to original Etsy items to score the best bargain.

There’s no shortage of deals around the Black Friday shopping season, but we’ve found several great ones that stand out from the rest. These are the best Etsy-made pieces and items you can find at discounted prices.

You’ll love you’re buying from Etsy’s growing army of experienced and passionate pros, who know Etsy intimately and are constantly sharing new products with us. When it comes to Etsy’s top deals, you’ll want to enter some form of promo code. Otherwise, you may not see any of these sales.

Amos Products Drop the price on this affordable ceramic candle holder and sachets and order it online.

AMOSproducts.etsy.com $14.30 Shop Now

Design Network Collection ($6.25) – Visit the Designer Network Store for site-wide promotions.

fabscratcher.etsy.com $6.50 Shop Now

A Perfumed Honeysuckle Gift Set ($8.94 – £7.69 or about $10.36 – Australian Dollars) – Shop now

Cannon & Scull $11.99 Shop Now

Curlew Floral Hand

(shown $16.90 – Shop Now) – Shop now

Fair World Goods Gift Set ($11.98 – Shop Now) – Shop now

Glasses Eye Eyes Set ($18.39 – Shop Now) – Shop now

Hardwood Advice: Bath Rugs Set ($51.69 – Shop Now) – Shop now

Harbor Masters Antique Spatulas and French Tool Set ($29.93 – Shop Now) – Shop now

Hardwood Advice: Beds Rugs Set ($48.23 – Shop Now) – Shop now

Heimmans Soft Mistletoe Single Ears Box ($18.99 – Shop Now) – Shop now

The Magic of Christmas ($15.99 – Shop Now) – Shop now

Thisstory is written by Ally Moore for CNN.

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